Battery Service

People often associate their car battery only with starting the vehicle, but the battery provides power to every electrical component. Batteries don't always get the same level of attention as things like oil and brake fluid. Because many drivers are unaware that their batteries should be examined and changed, they might not be working at proper capacity, which could affect efficiency and cause further problems. At Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, you can trust our parts and service team to handle any battery services you need.

How Often Should You Get Battery Service?

Apart from watching for obvious signs, such as weak lights and issues turning the ignition, it's difficult to recommend a reliable window for battery service, which varies by vehicle and management style. Most people have at some point unintentionally left a car door open. If that goes unnoticed overnight, your car's battery can drain to empty, requiring a jump-start or gradual recharge. If these kinds of situations happen a few times a year, they can permanently shorten the battery's life span and limit its effectiveness.

It's a good idea to have your battery checked at least twice a year. Our convenient service packages will give you plenty of opportunities to keep your battery in peak condition.

Why Your Car Needs Battery Service


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The average car battery lasts about five to seven years if maintained properly. However, that life span will shorten by years if you ignore car's your battery. The biggest factors affecting battery life span are weather, battery type, and whether the battery has drained completely in the past. People who don't drive their car during the cold season, for instance, might come back to find the battery dead. Even after jump-starting back to normal, that stress can have a permanent impact on the battery.

Signs You Need a New Battery

Here are a few signs you should have your car's battery inspected or changed:

  • Low battery fluid level: If the fluid level is low, the battery and charging system should be inspected right away.
  • Fluid leaks or corrosion: Some corrosion will form at the connection terminals naturally over time, but if it's excessive or in unusual places, it could indicate a battery leak. If you see a leak, replace the battery immediately.
  • Delayed engine crank: The automobile takes longer to start than usual or struggles to turn over.
  • Check engine light: When your battery starts to lose charge, depending on the model, it might trigger the check engine or service engine light.

A weak or improperly performing battery might put undue stress on your alternator. To compensate for the loss of energy from the battery, the engine might draw too much power, causing it to perform less efficiently. Over the years, this kind of unseen problem could cost you more in maintenance. Even when you buy a new car battery yourself, we recommend having our experts install it to ensure everything is in working order.

How To Prolong Car Battery Life

Car battery life varies based on battery type, driving behavior, weather conditions, and other factors. You can extend the life of your battery by: 

  • Storing your automobile indoors, away from extreme temperature or weather.
  • Driving your car at least once a week and letting it run for five to 10 minutes.
  • Cleaning the terminals and any built-up corrosion using a suitable cleaning solution and a wire brush.
  • Keeping the batteries firmly connected.
  • Conducting proactive battery testing by professionals at least twice a year.
  • Checking your battery voltage if you have the equipment to do so; a reading of 12 to 13 volts is normal.

Did you know your car's vibrations might weaken the connections and cause the battery's components to rattle? If not, you don't have to worry. Getting the occasional expected service at Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat will give our technicians plenty of opportunities to look over and correct battery issues. We can conduct battery services during an individual appointment or as part of a broader service package.

New Car Batteries and Installation in Daphne, AL

The price of getting a new battery varies depending on whether you want to install it yourself, have us do it, or go to a mechanic. Independent mechanics and body shops will charge anywhere from $300 to $400. Part of that is labor and the cost of the battery. A well-equipped dealership, on the other hand, can likely pass bigger savings down to you - just ask!

For batteries and other parts, our Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat facilities likely have what you need. Our technicians are certified to work on the latest vehicles by major automakers of all kinds. Don't forget to check current service specials on offer this week. You might even save on battery checks for the next year! Here at Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, we offer a variety of vehicle battery services and component bargains. If you buy a battery from us, we might be able to install it at no additional cost.

Battery Service Coupons and Specials in Daphne, AL

Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat has you covered for everything from complete battery replacement to connection checks and cleaning. Through partnerships with automakers and the deep battery product discounts available to us, we pass on more savings to you than anyone else in the Daphne area.

We encourage you to browse our battery replacement coupons and parts specials. If you can't find the battery you're looking for or want to learn more about our monthly discounts, contact us today. Our professional battery service technicians at Tameron Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat are ready to handle all your vehicle's electrical maintenance and repairs. Our facilities are built to handle tire rotations, engine diagnostics, brake inspections, fluid refills, and more.

Whether looking after your battery or other parts of your vehicle, the Tameron team has your back. At the first sign of difficulty starting your car or other concerns, we recommend scheduling a service appointment or contacting us.